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Our Work

IWCC’s collective spaces include:

  • Organizers’ meetings for peer-to-peer learning and mutual strategizing
  • Coordinating meetings to build collaboration between member centers and joint campaigns.
  • Training workshops for staff and member-leader organizers.
  • Grassroots member assemblies to develop cross-cultural connections and solidarity and take on powerful opposition forces through direct action


IWCC member organizations determine our campaign priorities based on the on-the-ground work being performed by the members. IWCC facilitates collaboration between worker centers on these campaigns and brings resources and strategic relationships towards these goals:

  • Ending Subcontracting as a way of outsourcing employer responsibility
  • Supporting Injured Immigrant Workers in reforming the Workers’ Compensation system to protect the most vulnerable workers
  • Introduction of Just Cause ordinances requiring notification explaining the reason each time a worker is fired
  • Fighting Wage Theft
  • Supporting the Domestic Workers’ Bill of Rights
  • Supporting the passage and implementation of Reform Employment Agency Law (REAL) in Massachusetts